Sew Deluxe Leg/Dress Form Medium 16-20 8 part (FG373)

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Sew Deluxe Leg Form 8 Part
The features of this 8-part form with legs make it ideal for use in sewing jackets, skirts, long and short dresses, coats, and with the important additional feature of trouser/pants fitting. This must surely be the most versatile sewing form on the market.


  • Split waist to enable lengthening
  • Wide supportive shoulders
  • Finite system of body adjusters (12)
  • Easy dial neck adjuster
  • Shaped hips, bottom and thighs for pants/trouser fitting
  • Comprehensive calibration tapes
  • Off-set column to enable pants/trouser to hang straight
  • Height adjuster for taller women
  • Calibrated Pin Grip with basting attachment



Bust:102-119 cm 39-47"
Waist:81-100 cm 32-40"
Hips:104-124 cm 41-49"