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With PE-Design® software you can turn virtually any image into an embroidery design. Creating your own unique designs is now easier than ever. Many images from the Internet, photographs, drawings and clip art can all be turned into embroidery. 

• Font Creator enables your customers to create their own custom fonts

• Random walking stitch is added for region stitches. The following stitches are available: satin stitch, fill stitch, programmable fill stitch, piping stitch, motif stitch, cross stitch, concentric circle stitch, radial stitch, spiral stitch and random walking stitch

• Triple Stitch is added for line stitches. The following line stitches are available: zig zag stitch, running stitch, triple stitch, motif stitch and e/v stitch

• 24 Basic shapes are available for layout and editing

• 5 built-in Small Fonts (minimum 3mm) are available

• .vip .shv . sew. csd .xxx data formats are newly supported

• Personal Sewing Attribute Setting can be set

• Ethnic Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters are now available

There are also a host of improved features including:

• Auto Punch function: curved out line generation is improved.

• Photo Stitch functions: automatically adjusts the lightness and contrast of photos and examples to choose from