Decor Embellisher 7

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The Decor is the first machine that allows you to do needle punch felting.
It doesn’t require thread, a bobbin, or any previous sewing experience. You can achieve amazing, one-of-a-kind fabric effects on your first try Decor Emellisher is so easy to operate, even a child can use it right away.
Instead of one needle, the Decor Embellisher has 7 needles joined into a single unit, so they move up and down in unison. On the sides of each needle are tiny barbs. As the needles pierce the top layer of material, these barbs catch the individual fibres and push them down into the bottom layer.
7 round holes in the needle plate correspond to the five needle points. These holes are slightly larger than those found on other felting machines, allowing penetration through even multiple layers to occur easily, quickly and cleanly, allowing for a better blending of fibres.
The fibres mingle to create new colour and texture combinations that simply cannot be achieved with embroidery, appliqué, or any other kind of needlework. In needle felting there is no "right side" or "wrong side." Whether you push the fibres through from the front or back depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve. Experimentation is part of the fun.
The machine is extremely easy to use.
Standard Accessories:
  • Screwdriver
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Needle plate - single hole
  • 7 needle unit
  • Single needle unit
  • Single needles
  • Lint brush
  • Instructional/BOOK
Main Features:
  • 7 needle free-motion embellishing
  • No thread required
  • Up to 900 punches per minute
  • Free arm storage compartment
  • Needle safety guard
  • Presser foot height adjustment
  • Weight 8kg approx.